Power and distribution switchgear

General distribution switchgear

Automex S.A.S, we design and assemble Distribution Boards, Load Centers, Load Panels, Electrical Cabinets, they are vital elements in electrical installations, they contain devices and their main function is the protection of each of the circuits in which the installation is divided, it must also withstand short circuit current levels. Suitable for installation in main and secondary substations. In enclosures up to 10 kA in cabinets of national manufacture and up to 65 kA in busbars and cabinets imported from Rittal.

Allied Maracas

Typical applications

  • General distribution panels for service connections
  • Regulated load cells and UPS backup
  • Capacitor bank talberos for power factor correction
  • Auxiliary services panel
  • Single-phase lighting panel

Automatic transfer switchboards and cells

Increasingly within the building regulations, power backup systems are mandatory, making automatic transfers highly reliable devices so that, at the time of power outages, they respond in the best time, ensuring that the power flow is maintained, giving quality of life to users.

Within our portfolio for the construction/commercial sector as well as for the industry, we have developed panels and cubicles for automatic load transfer systems by means of AC3 or AC1 contactors depending on the type of load or motorized breakers and switches in the best brands of the market.

Allied Maracas

Typical applications

  • Automatic Transfers by Switches
  • Automatic Transfers by Contactors.
  • UPS By-Pass Transfer
  • Transfers for fire protection systems (RCI)

Dynamic Power Factor Compensator

Dynamic Power Factor Compensation Bank: Equipment based on IGBT's technologies to improve the power factor, it works as a source of generation and or reactive power consumption without the risk of resonance by harmonics, this device can compensate the Inductive and Capacitive Reactive power and balance the phases when necessary and thus comply with Resolution CREG 015 2018.

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