Variable speed drives

Delta variable speed drives - MS300

Delta’s MS300 series is a standard compact vector control unit that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology. It supports IM and PM motor control for application flexibility and provides an STO safety mechanism. It also incorporates several essential functions, including PLC capability for simple programming needs, a communication slot for various communication cards, and a USB port to make data uploads and downloads quick and easy. Saves space, reduces installation and wiring time, while providing a highly efficient and stable system, all included in the MS300 series with a unit size reduced by up to 40%.


Supports open-loop control of IM and PM motors
Output frequency:
Standard models: 0 to 599 Hz
High-speed models: 0 to 1500 Hz (V / f control)
Dual-rated design:
120% for 60 seconds for normal service (ND)
150% for 60 seconds for heavy duty (HD)
Built-in PLC program with 2K steps capability
Built-in brake choppers for the entire series.
Removable 5-digit LED keypad for remote operation
Safety Standard Compliance: Safe Torque Off (SIL2 / PLd)
Optional Class A (C2) built-in standard EMC filter for single-phase 230 V and three-phase 460 V models
An integrated MI7 high-speed pulse input terminal with a maximum speed of up to 33 kHz
A built-in high-speed DFM pulse output terminal with maximum speed up to 33 kHz
New PCB coating for circuits (IEC 60721-3-3-3 class 3C2) and thermal design suitable for harsh environment applications
Built-in RS-485 (Modbus) and various communication card options: CANopen, PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, MODBUS TCP, EtherNet / IP, EtherCAT

Our mission is to improve the global industry. I believe DELTA has what it takes to fulfill that mission and bring better products to the world.

Mr. Simon Chang

President /COOO Delta

Delta - C2000 variable speed drives

Delta Electronics C2000 Variable Frequency Drives can efficiently control motor speed, improve machine automation and save energy. We have different series to adapt and satisfy the specific needs of your engines according to their application. They precisely control speed and torque, provide different control operation modes and settings. Some series have a removable Keypad to control it from another more favorable area.

Advantages of the Delta -C2000 drive

  • Easy and fast setting of parameters by means of the display in extreme conditions
  • Supply with 1 or 3 phases at the voltage input of your drive
  • Increased overload capacity
  • DC bus for direct current supply.
  • 10,000 steps of PLC function capacity
  • Communication and encoder input modules
  • Delta Electronics drives withstand high overload capability
  • Normal service current rating of 120% for 60 seconds and 160% for 3 seconds
  • Heavy duty rated current of 150% for 1 minute and 180% for 3 seconds.

The C2000 series provides the most efficient solution for all types of applications requiring drives.
It features precise speed, position control functions that are suitable for both synchronous and asynchronous motors with and without sensors. The C2000 series is also equipped with internal PLC functions and supports CANopen Master/Slave extension for the ultimate in system flexibility and fast data exchange.

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