Holip high-efficiency general-purpose inverters

HLP-A series frequency converter, a general purpose converter, has powerful and diverse functions, such as PID controller, simple PLC, internal/external control of various speeds, oscillations which are widely used in textile and chemical fiber industries, quasi winding and unwinding function which can keep the line speed constant with definite accuracy, etc. It has good overload capacity and high output torque. HLP-A series frequency converters have been widely used in the knitwear, chemical fiber, printing and dyeing, plastics, mechanical, chemical, steel, paper and light industries. It has won a great award from customers for its high quality and stability. Power range: 0.4-90 kW (1 and 3 × 220V), 0.75-415 kW (3 × 380V)

  • Variable speed drive for pump and HVAC.
  • Long-lasting design and self-monitoring and alarm functions.
  • Multiple installation mode.

Specialists in variable speed drives

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Our Brands

Variadores de velocidad Inomaxtech

Accessible Innovation for All

Inomaxtechdrives offer a unique combination of innovative technology, ease of use and competitive pricing. Their compact and versatile design makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, from small businesses to large industries. With Inomaxtech, you get precise and efficient control of your motors, improving productivity and reducing operating costs.

Variadores de velocidad Siemens

German Engineering for Industry 4.0

Siemens drives are synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. Its modular and scalable design allows you to create customized solutions for any application, from individual machines to complete plants. With Siemens, you get precise, reliable and efficient control of your motors, maximizing productivity and minimizing energy consumption.

Variadores de Velocidad Mitsubishi

Intelligent Industrial Power

Mitsubishi variable speed drives are the preferred choice for demanding industrial applications that demand precision, reliability and energy efficiency. Its advanced vector control technology guarantees optimum performance under all load conditions, while its integrated protection functions ensure safe and prolonged operation of your motors.

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