Fire protection network panels
NTC 2050

Boards for RCI electric fire pump systems under NTC2050

RETIE certified panels for fire protection network system of national manufacture, according to the parameters of NTC2050 – Section 695, such as magnetic protection breaker, means of disconnection to door and labeling according to the standard for fire protection systems.

Board composed of:

  • Star delta starter / soft starter.
  • Means of disconnection according to standard
  • RCI labeling and identification
  • Command and control elements
  • Main pump start-up alarm siren

Boards for RCI diesel fire pump systems under NTC2050

RETIE certified panels for fire network system of national manufacture, according to NFPA70 parameters, integrates the comAP – IPU card specialized for diesel engines, which facilitates the control and management of both process and engine variables integrated in a single point.

  • ComAp Card
  • Battery charger integrated in the dashboard
  • Power relay for starter motor power supply
  • Allows operation with pressure switch or pressure transducer
  • Facilitates the performance of weekly maintenance exercises
  • Control of all diesel engine instruments
  • Programming the number of motor starts
  • Logging of alarms and system events.

Boards for Jockey RCI fire pump systems under NTC2050

  • Three-pole contactor for pump current
  • Thermo-magnetic motor guard for the pump belt
  • Three-position selector MAN – 0 – AUTO
  • Green signal lamp 220 vac
  • Control connection terminals
  • Pump connection terminals

What is the RETIE Certificate?

The RETIE Certificate is a document issued by the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development that certifies that a building or structure has fire protection systems that comply with the standards and regulations established by the country.

RETIE is a mandatory requirement for certain types of buildings and structures, such as department stores, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, apartment buildings, among others.

The process of obtaining the RETIE Certificate involves the evaluation of the existing fire protection systems in the building or structure, as well as the performance of tests and verifications to guarantee their correct operation and efficiency.

The objective of the RETIE Certificate is to guarantee the safety of people and the protection of property in the event of a fire, and it is an important measure to prevent human and material losses in the event of an incident.

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