Variable speed drives

AFE Modular ACS880, Regenerative, ACS880 Modular Variable Speed Drives

Cost-effective and trouble-free operation due to active front-end technology

InomaxTech ACS880 active front-end drives will reduce your process costs and improve your reliability. Inomaxtech regenerative drives are based on the standard ACS880 variable speed drives, providing the same advantages in terms of reliability, easy operation and advanced features, as well as a wide range of options. Easy installation: ready-to-use function when connected to the network

Trouble-free operation

Inomaxtech's innovation has led to ACS880 active front-end technology drives that generate very low harmonic distortions in compliance with IEEE519 standards, thus reducing power losses in the power supply. A real power factor is thus achieved in the unit, which allows the size of the distribution transformer to be optimized, thus reducing the electrical transfer ratio. In addition, they offer the possibility of reactive power compensation. Inomaxtech ACS880 regenerative active front-end drives are not affected by voltage dips or harmonics from other equipment, which can cause disconnections or failures. Voltage booster ensures maximum motor power in the event of mains voltage fluctuations


Industrial transmission, Cranes & Cranes, BCP Oil&Gas Pumps, ESP electrosubmersible pumps, mechanical pumping * Surface process pumps, Precision machines, Printing & packaging equipment, Printing & packaging equipment * Multispeed controls with feedback, Permanent magnet motor control * High speed centrifuges, dynamometer test benches, power generation devices, power generation devices. *Ship and marine equipment operations, Food and textile industry, Extruders, Injection molding machines, Injection molding machines

ACS880 Low harmonic ACS880 Drives

The increase in consumption of grid-capable electronic power devices is steadily increasing. Inomaxtech's ACS880 active front-end technology drives are the answer to this challenge: they increase reliability and reduce investment costs in applications such as oil pumps, cranes, fans in the mining, shipbuilding, steel and processing industries.

Energy-saving regenerative drives

Inomaxtech ACS880 regenerative drives, in addition to generating very low harmonic distortions, enable significant energy savings in applications with frequent braking, such as cranes, centrifuges, test benches, winders and chair lifts. They provide fast and consistent control and allow a constant power flow to and from the power supply. Regenerative units are also available as DC bus feeder units.

Regenerative braking

ACS880 regenerative units offer the possibility of returning the energy generated by braking to the mains instead of letting it dissipate through the brake resistors. This saves on energy costs and investment in brake resistors, an equipment with a limited service life that requires cooling or an external installation. The regenerative drives are suitable for four-quadrant operation with 100% power in both directions, ensuring full and continuous braking power.

DTC (Direct Torque Control)

Control your process with DTC without the need of an encoder, this will allow you to control and vary the torque without losses directly at speed change, torque required at all times, avoiding the need for mechanical damage and production impairment.

100% Torque at zero speed

DTC technology ensures that from zero RPM it delivers 100% torque. Allows the inverter to be used in traditional inverter applications. No mechanical brake is required. Replace systems traditional DC to AC at the best cost while guaranteeing load control of its application.

ACS880 Series, Regenerative AFE / Multimodule / Variable Speed Drives / Servo Drives for the most demanding and heavy duty applications

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Power range and motor type

  • Single phase: 220/240 Vac, 50/60Hz, 0,75-2,2Kw
    Single phase: 220/240 Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.75-250Kw
    Three-phase: 220-240Vac / 380-480Vac Vac, 50/60Hz, 0.75-1100Kw
  • Induction Motor, Asynchronous Motor, PMSM Motor, Servo Motor
  • Magnetic levitation motor

Control connections

  • 8 Standard DI digital inputs
  • 2 Analog inputs and outputs (0-10 Vdc and 4-20 mA are supported.
  • 2 Standard relay outputs
  • 5 RJ45 Ports for remote panel connection, 2 For communication


  • Integrated braking choper (Less than 30Kw/72A)
  • Modbuss RTU protocol (RS485), Profinet, EtherCat integrated
  • Integrated C3 and STO filter, virtual DI function
  • Built-in DC reactor for all power models
  • Integrated common mode filter for all power ratings
  • Built-in temperature sensor compatible PT100, PT1000, PTC
  • Standard LED keypad, removable on all power ratings
  • Built-in differential, incermental, resolver/encoder
  • Standard LED keypad, removable on all power ratings

Main functions

  • Complies with low THDI harmonic levels <5% - IEEE519
  • Energy regeneration and feedback to the power grid
  • Available for complex high-precision applications
  • DTC (Direct Touch Control) technology, similar to ABB ACS880
  • Supports speed control, torque and tension control and precision control
  • Control functions of idle position, count, PID, multispeed, time lock and servo
  • Energy saving functions
  • Leading weak magnetic control technology, Self-learning of the motor (static and dynamic)
  • Programmable Logic PLC functions

Flexible communications

  • Modbuss RTU/RS485 and Canopen, Profinet and EtherCar integrated
  • Ethernet / Modbuss TCP / Profibus DP optional
  • Integrated web server for flexible configuration and monitoring

Optional parts

  • Panel mounting bracket for panel mounting to panel door
  • Encoder card, Sin&Cos and abosolute,
  • Specialized software for specific applications
  • Reactor, EMC filter, DV/DT filter, Sine filters,

Control of induction motors, asynchronous,
class-leading servo and pm

The regenerative drives offer maximum control flexibility to meet the requirements of machine builders and high specification industrial applications, and can replace the following series:

ABB: ACS880-34; Yaskawa: U1000; Siemens: S120, S150; Triol; Schneider: ATV91; AB, Power Flex

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