Inomaxtech soft starters

Inomaxtech AST7000 Soft Starters

Inomaxtech’s AST700 soft starters are the new generation of soft starters that integrate efficient motor operation and protection allowing to control the motor acceleration curve and deceleration curve at an unprecedented level.


Inomaxtech AST7000 soft starters can be used in applications considered heavy duty, such as centrifugal pumps, reciprocating (sanitation, irrigation and oil), fans, exhaust fans, blowers, air compressors, refrigeration (screw and piston), mixers, aerators, centrifuges, crushers, grinders, wood grinders, paper refiners, rotary kilns, saws and planers (wood), mills (ball and hammer) and conveyor loaders.

Built-in by-pass
AST7000 soft starters are equipped with a Bypass contactor.
integrated, guaranteeing protections in the passage and state of
of the By-pass. With an efficient cooling system, it guarantees
longer equipment operating life.

Robust, intuitive and user-friendly design
An easy and practical design for power and control connections.
Mosbuss RS485 communication protocol
as a basis for easy monitoring. Comprehensive control panel for
programming and fault display, IP65 demountable for
mounting to the door of the tableo. Practical operating system and

Integral protection for your engine

Perfect and reliable protection function : voltage loss, overvoltage protection; overheating,
startup time too long; Input phase loss,
output phase loss, phase unbalance; Over starting currents,
overload and load short-circuit protection, etc.

Adaptive acceleration curve
The soft starter reads the performance of the motor during the
and stop and adjusts their control to achieve the best possible
results. Simply select the curve that best fits your needs.
to suit your type of load and the soft starter will make sure
automatically to ensure that the load is accelerated as smoothly as possible.

LCD display for easy operation
LCD display can show the parameter code, status and error, easy to use and higher efficiency, Compatible with English, Chinese, Russian, French and Spanish languages, meets the requirements of different customers.

Communication protocol
AST7000 is based on the Modbuss RS485 communication protocol, and Profinet can also be installed as an accessory,

Easy configuration by panel or remotely.

From light applications to the most demanding Robust Demanding
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