Power boards and power cells for electric motors

Boards for pumping stations

Pumping stations are a set of civil structures, equipment, pipelines and accessories, which take water directly or indirectly from the supply source and pump it to a storage reservoir or directly to the distribution network. The purpose is to provide the liquid with sufficient energy to be transported through a pressurized conduit from a point of lower elevation to a point of higher elevation.

Autómex develops automated or basic operation electrical panels and cells to guarantee reliability in the operation, control and measurement, ensuring that water collection is done efficiently and is available for the communities to supply the basic need of water, all this complying with our Retie regulations.

We develop boards and cells for stations such as:

  • Initial pumping stations operated by variable speed drives and soft starters.
  • Pumping stations for rainwater / wastewater, EBALL/EBAR with submersible pumps.
  • Control panels for deep well pump control, with electrical and solar network.
  • Boards for irrigation systems
  • Boards for industrial refrigeration systems

    The cold chains and conservation of different products, species or places, makes ventilation and refrigeration processes play a transcendental role in the daily life of people, providing quality of life in their places, quality in their food and products that require it in their manufacture...

    In Automex we allow us to develop boards, cells and control centers for power motors and automated control through PLC, HMI, Variable Speed Drives, soft starters and different specialized controllers for refrigeration and ventilation.

    We develop boards and cells for:

    • Boards for ventilation and freezing tunnels
    • Boards for screw or reciprocating compressors with variable speed drives.
    • Control center for water recirculation systems.
    • Automated cells for industrial refrigeration

    Boards for HVAC systems

    An HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system is an air conditioning and ventilation system. As an air conditioning system, it acts as heating in winter and cooling in summer. Its purpose is to provide the user with an indoor environment with comfortable temperature, relative humidity and air purification.

    We are specialists in the development of control panels and motor control centers for different applications for residential, commercial or industrial use, guaranteeing the correct operation and monitoring of the systems.

    We develop boards and cells for:

    • Boards for control of handling and condensing units
    • Boards for building forced ventilation control systems.
    • Control center for water recirculation systems .
    • Chilled and chilled water recirculation pump control panels

    Boards for industrial pump systems

    Equipment for pumping industrial fluids, viscous fluids, and special specifications require pumps to be custom designed for each industry, ensuring the efficiency of the transfer system, fluid protection and the highest electrical and hydraulic efficiency.

    Just as industrial pumps are special, Autómex designs the controls for industrial pumping stations, process pumps and others, to the need of control, monitoring, using different starting methods requested by the user such as variable speed drives, soft starters and others of the best brands in the market.

    We develop boards and cells for:

    • Boards for industrial constant pressure systems
    • Power and control panels for process pumps
    • Special enclosure grade switchboards and variable speed drives
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