Petroleum electrical panels and switchgear

Automation and power for oil and gas

We develop customized electrical systems for each oil and gas production process, integrating the best technology, engineering, trained personnel, protecting human, plant and animal life.

Celdas de variador de velocidad para bombas BCP/ESP

Los sistemas de bombeo BCP e ESP son de los más utilizados para el proceso de extracción de crudo. Cuando busca mejorar la recuperación y optimizar la producción en pozos con fluidos de alta viscosidad o alta producción de arena, la bomba de cavidad progresiva (PCP) suele ser su solución más confiable y eficiente. Pero no todos los sistemas de PCP son iguales, y los cambios en el control del pozo pueden causar estragos en la bomba, lo que agrega tiempo de inactividad y costos considerables a su operación.

Las celdas de potencia Atx con variadores de velocidad Inomaxtech, brindan toda la tecnología para la operación, protección, control de todo el proceso de extracción de la bomba, entregando beneficios para que el costo de operación sea influenciado por la tecnología Inomaxtech

INOMAXtech ACS580/880 Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

ACS880 offers an unmatched combination of integrated features to give you optimal production control.

Backspin Control

Inomaxtech variable speed drives have a backspin application. At the core of the control program is the backtracking control. When PCP or ESP is stopped and fluid returns to the well, this function controls the reverse rotation of the rotor. in BCP pumps, the rod that connects the motor to the pump has rotational tension while it is running, when the motor stops, this tension will relax quickly. This rapid release of energy must be controlled to avoid damaging the rod. With ESP there is no risk of damaging the equipment, but reverse rotation must be identified to avoid starting the motor.

BCP control mode for torque and speed control without instrumentation

The PCP and ESP control modes use the direct torque control (DTC) function, which means that no additional devices are needed to control the torque. In high and low torque situations, the drive can be configured to automatically reduce pump speed. For low load situations, the control program can have a user-defined speed-torque curve that acts as a reference to shut down the system. These functions protect the pumping system and reduce energy consumption.

Pressure protection

The pressure protection function protects the pump against high pressure or high discharge pressure. When the pump shuts down due to high pressure, it can be set to restart automatically after the pressure level returns to within operating limits. This eliminates the need for a manual restart, thus saving time and increasing your production rates.

Fluid level control

The fluid level control function uses the input from the integrated PI controller to maintain an optimum fluid level in the well. The pump speed is adjusted according to the value of the actual liquid level, based on the pressure or liquid level sensor data. With this concept, you can keep the production rate at the optimum level during the entire process time. The control program also has a sleep function that will shut down the pump if the liquid level drops below the set level and start it again after the liquid level is within the set limits. With an unstable oil well, the standby function can generate significant energy savings.

System supervision

The control program has the ability to monitor and control a variety of pump conditions based on signals received from the instrumentation in the artificial lift system.

Inomaxtech AFE Regenerative Variable Speed Drives

Our Inomaxtech AFE active front-end low harmonic variable speed drive (VSD) solution is proving to be an increasingly popular choice in oil pumping systems compared to more traditional options such as six-pulse variable speed drives combined with passive harmonic filters.

VSDs, which are used in most oilfield pumping operations thanks largely to their established benefits of energy efficiency and flexible process control, are typically implemented in pumps including ESP (electro submersible pump), PCP (progressing cavity pump) and rod-based types. for well activation.

However, some precautions are needed when using variable speed drives as electronic devices that promote harmonic currents circulating due to the impedance of the network.

Undesirable effects include additional motor losses and deterioration of stability due to the presence of oscillating torque.

Overheating of voltage transformers, increased cable losses and the production of resonant circuits in capacitors are other undesirable situations.

Passive and active filters are among the conventional solutions for harmonic currents. However, while these are economical, they are not completely fail-safe with respect to harmonic current exceeding the filter capacity. Other established solutions, such as multi-pulse rectifiers, require an additional special transformer with intricate sets of phase-shifted AC output windings.

As a result, an increasing number are turning to AFE regenerative variable speed drive technology, such as Inomaxtech's regenerative.VSDs, which are used in most pumping operations in the oil sector thanks largely to their established benefits of energy efficiency and flexible process control, are typically implemented in pumps including ESP (electro submersible pump), PCP (progressing cavity pump) and rod-based types. for well activation.

However, some precautions are needed when using variable speed drives as electronic devices that promote harmonic currents circulating due to the impedance of the network.

Why use Inomaxtech AFE regenerative variable speed drives?

The main advantages of Inomaxtech regenerative variable speed drives for oil pumping and artificial lift applications include active front-end technology that imparts a low level of harmonic distortion to the main supply, typically 3.5% or less.

The power factor of regenerative variable speed drives such as the inomaxtech regenerative drive (ACS880+AIM+ALM+SMM) is close to 1, while the output voltage can be higher than the input voltage. In fact, the input stage of the inomaxtech regenerative drive is regulated to a higher voltage value than the normal voltage value of a six-pulse rectifier, ensuring that this type of converter is not affected by fluctuations in the mains voltage.

Of course, the variable speed drive input consumes only active power, which reduces current and losses in subsea cables and all surface equipment. The transformer also experiences reduced magnetic noise.

Another important consideration for the oil industry is ATEX standards. In this case, the use of inomaxtech's regenerative drive provides a better way to ensure the safety and reliability of ATEX motors than standard inverters.

Firstly, from a thermal point of view, the inomaxtech regenerative drive maintains a constant temperature rise in the motor even if the input voltage decreases.

This is because the inomaxtech regenerative converter compensates the input voltage drop by up to about 15 % and retains the flux inside the motor at constant levels.

Additional benefits for users of inomaxtech’s regenerative variable speed drives include inherent reliability, compactness and ease of serviceability/maintenance due to the modularity of the unit, a module can be replaced in just 20 minutes.

In addition, inomaxtech’s regenerative drive can be offered in flexible, customized solutions to suit indoor and outdoor applications. The Inomaxtech regenerative drive clearly demonstrates why it is rapidly being adopted for a host of applications in the oil and gas industry, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Configurable options for precise control and predictable performance.

Do you want to further adapt the capabilities of your Inomaxtech VSD controller? These options make it easy to fine-tune your performance for your specific application.

Electrical panels and switchgear for oil field surface applications

The Oil & Gas industry is going through a process where unstable prices are the order of the day, causing its operation to be affected by higher investment costs and lower income.

For this reason, the need to use equipment that optimizes the extraction, treatment, transportation and other processes of crude oil is a latent need, creating a continuous process of reengineering that protects the environment, communities and organizations.

Within this scope, Autómex SAS becomes the strategic ally to develop solutions in automated panels and cells for the different parts of the process such as initial crude oil pumping stations, mechanical pumping systems, ESP pumping systems, pipeline pumping, water injection, crude oil transfer, loading docks, crude oil storage, water discharge, fuel terminals, chemical injection and dosing, grease and oil processing, oil and grease storage, water discharge, fuel terminals, chemical injection and dosing, oil and grease processing, oil and gas processing, oil and grease storage and chemical dosing, Crude Oil Transfer, Loading Docks, Crude Oil Storage, Water Discharge, Fuel Terminals, Chemical Injection and Dosing, Fats and Oils Processing, Fire Fighting Networks, Compressor Plants, Hydrocracking and Hydrotreating, Gas Processing, Refineries, rehabilitation and maintenance processes, etc.

Types of Boards

  • Initial crude oil pumping boards with variators
  • Process Pump Drive Boards (Positive Displacement, Vane, Centrifugal, Multistage)
  • Triplex pump panels,
  • Boards for dosing skids
  • Variable speed drive panels for mechanical pumping BM
  • Power distribution boards

Explosion-proof electrical boards, Nema 7

Nema 7 explosion-proof electrical panels have wide application as Control, Measurement, Distribution and Lighting Boards.

These panels are used in electrical installations located within Hazardous (Classified) Areas of chemical industries, food processing, alcoholic beverage and alcohol production, storage or transformation of materials that generate explosive or volatile dusts that are easily combustible.

In those of major application such as oil installations, refineries, gas treatment or bottling plants; and in multiple areas where there is a risk of fire or explosion due to the presence of explosive atmospheres. .

Classified areas where they are used:

  • Class I Div. 1 and 2, Groups C, D
  • Class II Div. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G
  • Class III Div. 1 y 2

Automated field signal monitoring panels

In the oil industry, the control of the different field signals becomes a challenge to maintain the working points in order to guarantee the useful life of the equipment, the continuous operation of the wells, efficiency in the oil extraction process and a decrease in maintenance costs. Variables such as pressure, level, flow, temperature, vibration, etc., determine that the process is ideal for the expectations giving timely warning avoiding possible damage to different components of the systems and in turn avoiding shutdowns due to failures in automation.

In this scenario, Automex SAS integrates through state-of-the-art automated systems, high precision control through control panels with redundant PLC CPU units Hot & Stand By, avoiding downtime due to failures in the automation.


  • Automated panels with Siemens S7-400 PLCs redundant Hot & Stand By
  • Monitoring panels with S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLCs with communication protocol
  • Power and control integration boards with variable speed drives and PLCs

Boards for remote monitoring systems

The geographic location of the different oil extraction wells, in most of the occasions are located in remote areas where the entrance is complex and the distances are very long. In view of this, the need to implement monitoring and control systems for these units is a real need that is becoming increasingly important with the advance of technology, at the best cost in the market. plowing due to failures in automation.

Automex SAS has developed boards and remote monitoring systems which have facilitated the user the control of its operation through APPS and Web server in real time via GSM and Internet, generating reliability in the operation of variable speed drives and automated systems.


  • Automated panels with PLC and remote monitoring via cable or Sim Card
  • Web server monitoring platform and mobile App
  • Development of HMI displays and mimics for visualization via app
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