M521 / M531

M5 Family Multifunction Intelligent Controller M5 for One Pump

The intelligent pump controllers - HydroSmart M521 and M531 - are a practical, simple, compact and highly automated solution for the management of differential pressure systems, sewage systems, rainwater, wastewater ejectors and lifting, transfer or pumping of water for a pump, replacing the traditional boards that are manufactured by basic protections in metal boxes.

Comprehensive protection for your water pumps

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Typical applications for hydrosmart M521 / M531

Differential pressure equipment

Use with pressure switches, dry pump protection by float, electrodes or without electrodes

Drainage Equipment / Ejector

Use with floats or electrodes, Built-in buzzer type overflow and fault alarm

Lifting Equipment

Use with floats or electrodes, dry pump protection by float, electrode or without them

Main features techniques

Control features

Ejector level control / water supply
Pressure control
Start functions Manual / Automatic
Liquid level control features Electrode type probes and float type level float level sensor.
Pressure control features Pressure switch (n / c) and pressure tank
Main technical data
Rated output power According to the range of each equipment according to the nameplate
Rated input voltage AC 220 Vac – Phases / 440 Vac – 3 phases according to the nameplate
Overload response time 5sec-5min
Short circuit response time <0.1sec
Response time for over/under voltage <5sec
Response time for dry running 6sec – (programmable according to application)
Recovery time for overload 30min
Recovery time over/under voltage 5min
Vacuum protection reset time 30min – (programmable according to application)
Over voltage protection value 253V – (programmable according to application)
Under voltage protection value 175V – (programmable according to application)

Protection Functions:

Dry running over load Under voltage Over voltage Rotor locked Short circuit

Installation Data:
Working temperature. -25℃ — +55℃
Working Humidity 20% – 90%RH,
Degree of protection IP22
Installation position Vertical
Dimensions ( L x W x H) 16 x 8.2 x 22.8 cm (16 x 8.2 x 22.8 in.)
Weight (net) 1.3 Kg

Main Features

With Hydrosmart controllers
Control your pumping systems as wishes!

Float/electric level float

Pressure switch / pressure switch

Level electrodes

Learn how to program the Hydrosmart M5

Easily learn how to program Hydrosmart controllers to your needs.

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