L932 plus

HydroSmart pump controllers are the new generation of fully electronic boards to protect and operate your water pumps.

It is a practical, simple, compact and highly automated solution for the management of differential pressure systems, sewage systems, rainwater, wastewater ejectors and elevation, transfer or impulsion of water for one or two pumps, replacing the traditional panels that are manufactured by basic protections in metal boxes.

Comprehensive protection for your water pumps

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Low Cost of Operation

Simple programming

Maximum efficiency Always

IP54 protection

Typical applications for hydrosmart L932 Plus

Differential pressure equipment

Use with pressure switches. Use with 4-20 mA pressure transducer.alternating, backup and add-on-demand function.dry pump protection by float, electrodes or without.

Drainage Equipment / Ejector

Use with floats or electrodes.use with hydrostatic level transducerUse for submersible pumps with integrated float.on-demand alternation, backup and addition function.integrated overflow alarm and external alarm connection facility.

Lifting Equipment

Use with floats or electrodes. Toggle only function. Alternation and addition function on demand. Dry pump protection by float, electrode or without them.

Main technical feature

Control feature

Double liquid level control

Pressure control

Control method

Auto / manual

Liquid level control feature

Electrode probe float & pulse transmitter & level transmitter & switch float

Pressure control feature

Pressure change (n/c) & pressure transmitter& of pressure tank

Main technical data

Rated output power

Check the nameplate

Nominal input power

Check the nameplate

Response time for overload


Phase loss response time


Short circuit response time


Response time for over/under voltage


Response time for dry running


Overload recovery time


Three-phase under/overvoltage/unbalance recovery time

three-phase unbalance


Recovery time from dry running


Over voltage voltage

115% of nominal input voltage


80% of nominal input voltage

Liquid level transfer distance


Protective functions

Dry running Pump clogged

Overload Short circuit

Undervoltage Overtemperature

Over voltage Three-phase unbalance

Phase loss Phase reversal Phase reversal Repeated startup

Rust protection of the pump shaft

Main installation data

Working temperature

-25℃ — +55℃

Working humidity

20% – 90%RH

Degree of protection.


Installation position


Unit dimensions (L x W x H)

30.2 x 24x 12cm

RS485 technical data

Physical interface

RS485 Bus interface: half-duplex synchronous system

Baud rate

1200 bps、2400 bps、4800 bps、9600bps Default: 9600bps

Type of protocol

MODBUS protocol (RTU)

Main Features

With Hydrosmart controllers
Control your pumping systems as wishes!

Float/electric level float

Pressure switch / pressure switch

Level electrodes

Pressure transmitter 4-20 mA

Hydrostatic level transmitter 4-20mA

Learn how to program the Hydrosmart l932 plus

Easily learn how to program Hydrosmart controllers to your needs.

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