WEG variable speed drives

WEG CFW500 variable speed drives

Infinite possibilities

With modern design, the CFW500 frequency converter is a high performance variable speed drive for applications requiring speed and torque control on three-phase induction motors. The equipment also features sensorless vector control, vector control with encoder or scalar, SoftPLC, which adds CLP (Programmable Logic Controller) functions, Pump Genius, which brings dedicated pumping functions and selectable plug-in modules, providing a flexible and optimized solution for any application.

Advantages of the CFW500 drive

  • The safety functions integrated into the CFW500 make it easier to comply with machine safety requirements.
  • Fewer components, no need for additional wiring, saving space and installation costs.
  • The absence of electromechanical components enables faster responses and higher productivity.
  • Due to the SIL 3 safety level, the CFW500 with safety functions dispenses with the use of external safety relays for cable monitoring and emergency buttons.
High performance

-Safety functionsby means of STO / SS1 accessory
-Widerange of power ratings and high overload capacity
-Integrated braking unitfrom 7.5 kW to 15 kW (10 hp to 20 hp)


-Resourcesand advanced functions
-Mounting options


SoftPLC- built-in CLP functions.
-Free programming software.


-Protectionagainst ground fault, short circuit, overtemperature and other
-InternalRFI filterfor emission reduction high-frequency electromagnetic

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Variable speed drives WEG - CFW11

The new SINAMICS G120X inverter range designed for use in pump, fan and compressor applications in the water and HVAC sector features an easy commissioning interface via its Wi-Fi module, long cable lengths and integrated application-specific functions. Thanks to its wide power range up to 630kW and its compatibility with synchronous reluctance motors, it guarantees a highly energy-efficient solution.

Innovative and Easy to Use

CFW11 features innovations to make the user’s life easier during operation and installation. It has been developed based on Plug & Play technology, allowing a simple and fast start-up of its accessories. The HMI has soft-keys, which allow an agile programming and navigation mode, as a result, the parameters can be accessed sequentially or through groups of parameters, which facilitates programming. One of the parameter groups has a start-up oriented function that guides the user through the minimum parameters necessary to configure the drive according to the application, motor and network.


The CFW11 adapts to the needs of the application through a wide range of accessories that are easily installed and configured through Plug & Play technology. In addition, the CFW11 incorporates as standard the SoftPLC function that adds the functionalities of a CLP to the converter. The SoftPLC function allows you to edit your own applications in LADDER language using the WLP (WEG Ladder Programmer) software, which is available free of charge at www.weg.net.

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