NFPA20 Fire Network Panels

Replaces UL /FM Listed Boards

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Electrical panels for fire fighting pumping systems NFPA20

The electrical panels for electrical firefighting equipment manufactured in partnership with Siemens, meet all the numerals established in NFPA20 chapter 10, generating confidence in the operation and maintaining all the international standards related to NFPA.

RETIE certified board,
Numeral 20,28

Spare parts available guaranteeing minimum downtime

Specialized technical service for support, start-up and after-sales service

Why use RCI NFPA20 boards?

Complies 100% NFPA20, Chapter 10

Replaces failed UL/FM boards, guaranteeing reliability and the same operation.

Easy monitoring and control via web server (optional)

Product developed in collaboration with

Advantages of using Siemens RCI NFPA boards

Our control panel solution for electric pumps for fire protection systems provide the reliability required in these types of equipment, vital for the protection of human life. By complying with all the parameters of NFPA20, chapter 10, it guarantees a reliable, robust and ready to work in the event of an outbreak of fire. As it is a local solution, in case of failure of any part or accessory, its replacement can be done in the time stipulated by the standard, reducing the RCI system downtime.

This board contains

Emergency handle

Serves to mechanically close the contactor(s) that allow the power supply to the fire pump.

Operation and control panel

Allows the programming, operation, monitoring and diagnosis of the electrical conditions of the fire pump according to the NFPA20 standard.

Pressure sensing elements in the pressure line

Manometric pressure transducer and solenoid valve that allow operation and maintenance tasks according to the logic programmed in the control panel.

Pressure sensing elements in the pressure line

300mm above the ground to protect against damage from water escaping from the pump or pump connections.

Sound Alarm

Located in the body of the fire panel that operates according to the control stipulated in the NFPA20 standard.

Double electrical protection

It has a molded case switch and circuit breaker that are interconnected by means of a mechanical door opening safety interlock.

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NFPA20 diesel fire pumping system switchboards

NFPA20 diesel fire pumping system switchboards

Diesel engine-driven fire pump controller system; very user-friendly, easy to operate and simple to use and easy to adapt. In addition to its versatility and automatic startup sequence / manual, the design complies with NFPA 20 standards, making the entire system highly reliable and providing total peace of mind in case of emergencies.

Main Features

Modular engine controller designed for diesel-driven fire pump applications
based on NFPA 20
Automatic and manual start sequence based on two batteries according to NFPA 20 standards
Analog indicator (VDO, Datcon): easy to use
3 configurable analog inputs + 2 analog inputs for battery voltage measurement
7 configurable binary inputs and outputs
6 LED indicators (alarm, warning, not ready, running, battery A, battery B)
Alarm / stop protections selectable
1 level of password protection
USB, RS485 / RS232 / Modem / Modbus communication
Automatic SMS on alarm
Event history log and real time clock
Pushbuttons for simple control, test test
Comparator with hysteresis regulation

What is NFPA 20?

NFPA 20 is a technical standard developed by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that establishes minimum requirements for the installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment. This standard applies to all types of buildings and structures, including residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, and government buildings.

NFPA 20 establishes requirements for the selection, installation, testing and maintenance of firefighting equipment, including fire pumps, water tanks, water supply systems, fire protection systems and fire alarm systems. It also establishes requirements for the education and training of personnel who operate and maintain this equipment.

NFPA 20 is a widely used standard in the United States and other parts of the world, and is a benchmark standard for fire safety in many buildings and structures. In addition to establishing requirements for the installation and maintenance of fire equipment, NFPA 20 also provides guidelines for fire prevention and fire protection in buildings and structures.

Requirements for the installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment, NFPA 20 also establishes requirements for fire protection in buildings and structures. These requirements include the installation of fire detection and alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and fire protection systems in specific areas, such as garages, laboratories and flammable product storage areas.


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RCI Main Pump - Star Delta Star 220VAC

RCI Main Pump - Soft Start 220VAC


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