Hydrosmart L932 Pro

Hydrosmart L932 pro The evolution of HydroSmart, L932Pro, allows users to interact in an agile, practical and very intuitive way with the pumping system. Full color HMI Touch screen for easy programming and clear system information. Possibility to adjust the alternation of the pumps. Measurement of energy consumption per pump in Kw/H. It has all […]

Power and distribution switchgear

Power and distribution switchgear General distribution switchgear Automex S.A.S, we design and assemble Distribution Boards, Load Centers, Load Panels, Electrical Cabinets, they are vital elements in electrical installations, they contain devices and their main function is the protection of each of the circuits in which the installation is divided, it must also withstand short circuit […]

Electrical panels with variable speed drives for water pumps

Electrical panels with variable speed drives speed for water pumps Autómex’s constant pressure system panels provide reliability in operation and guarantee excellent control and protection of the pumps, saving energy and with less downtime for the user. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oo5Y-Kon5cc Its main features are: Saving energy consumption by eliminating the start-up peak Specialized software for constant pressure […]

Boards with soft starters

Boards with soft starters The ideal ally for the operation, control and protection of electric motors. Electric motors are vital in most industries; without them, their applications would not work. Motors pump liquids, transport heavy materials, move air masses and process raw materials. Since motors are the lead unit in your process, they must be […]

Panels for fire protection network NTC2050

Fire protection network panels NTC 2050 Boards for RCI electric fire pump systems under NTC2050 RETIE certified panels for fire protection network system of national manufacture, according to the parameters of NTC2050 – Section 695, such as magnetic protection breaker, means of disconnection to door and labeling according to the standard for fire protection systems. […]

HydroSmart M521 / M531

Hydrosmart M521 / M531 M5 Family Multifunction Intelligent Controller M5 for One Pump The intelligent pump controllers – HydroSmart M521 and M531 – are a practical, simple, compact and highly automated solution for the management of differential pressure systems, sewage systems, rainwater, wastewater ejectors and lifting, transfer or pumping of water for a pump, replacing […]

NFPA20 Fire Network Panels

Nosotros Nuestra Compañía Bombeo bombeo.co Tundra Tundra.com.co ATX-LAB atxlab.co Aliados Autómex Formulario de Registro y actualización de clientes Autómex SAS Documentos legales Autómex Certificaciones Certificación de estándares Certificación ISO 9001:2022 Certificado RETIE Bloques terminales Certificado RETIE Tableros eléctricos Certificado Hydrosmart Comunicados Oficiales Bombeo TV Slack Acceso CRM Blog Mapa cómo llegar Tableros construcción Controladores multi-función […]

Hydrosmart L932 plus

HydrosmartL932 plus HydroSmart pump controllers are the new generation of fully electronic boards to protect and operate your water pumps. It is a practical, simple, compact and highly automated solution for the management of differential pressure systems, sewage systems, rainwater, wastewater ejectors and elevation, transfer or impulsion of water for one or two pumps, replacing […]

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