Oil and gas electrical panels and switchgear

Petroleum electrical panels and switchgear Automation and power for oil and gas We develop customized electrical systems for each oil and gas production process, integrating the best technology, engineering, trained personnel, protecting human, plant and animal life. Celdas de variador de velocidad para bombas BCP/ESP Los sistemas de bombeo BCP e ESP son de los […]

Power boards and power cells for electric motors

Power boards and power cells for electric motors Boards for pumping stations Pumping stations are a set of civil structures, equipment, pipelines and accessories, which take water directly or indirectly from the supply source and pump it to a storage reservoir or directly to the distribution network. The purpose is to provide the liquid with […]

Automation cells for industrial applications

Automation cells for industrial applications Water Treatment Boards Water, as a fundamental part of life, needs to go through the treatment process to guarantee to humans, animals, environment, processes, etc., the necessary quality to maintain the balance between its use and its care. For this purpose, it integrates mechanical, filtration, dosing, aeration, reverse osmosis and […]

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